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    * 1630UT Experiment started okay (Lim).    * 1630UT Experiment started okay (Lim).
 +   * 2127UT Delay Corr A D E F  gone bad (Lim)
 +   * Issue is temperature in server room - AC under repair. Temporary ventilation in place but likely to have issues until AC restored. (JMc)
 +   * Halting schedule at 2153 (JMc)
 +   * First good data after restarting DBBC3 from 0506 (JMc)
 +   * 1313UT -restarted ddbc3 because sampler E was bad. The stats for other samplers worsened after restarting dbbc3(Prad)
 **Katherine 12m** **Katherine 12m**
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 Disk VSN:  flexbuffke Disk VSN:  flexbuffke
-   1651UT "Delay Corr" issue, experiment started late (Lim).+   1655UT "Delay Corr" issue, experiment started late (Lim). 
 +   * Some nuisance errors concerning samplers being marginally below threshold. Issue seems to be transient (JMc)
 **Yarragadee 12m** **Yarragadee 12m**