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 Disk VSN: flexbuf-2hb Disk VSN: flexbuf-2hb
-   1820UT Experiment started late. (Earl)+   1820 UT Experiment started late. (Earl
 +   * 2051 UT dbbc had been reconfigured, schedule now resumed (warren) 
 +   * ~0215 - DBBC3 rebooted - no apparent cause. Will replace UPS as this is suspected as bad. (JMc) 
 +   * 0303 - First good data after reconfig (JMc)
 **Katherine 12m** **Katherine 12m**
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 Disk VSN: flexbuffke Disk VSN: flexbuffke
-   1700UT Experiment started okay (Earl).+   1700 UT Experiment started okay (Earl). 
 +   * 2000  UT no schedule running, dbbc needs power cycle and reconfigure (warren) 
 +   * 2151 UT schedule resumed (w)
 **Yarragadee 12m** **Yarragadee 12m**
-Disk VSN: | Data volume at beginning: +Disk VSN:  USN+0220| Data volume at beginning: 
    * 1700UT Experiment started okay (Earl).    * 1700UT Experiment started okay (Earl).