or a story of Liza's tribulations on Saturday morning

  • As for 21:40UTC, network is not functioning at Sandy Bay campus. Unavailable servers: all remote servers. Unavailable services, related to the observations: slogit, ready-message and start-message script, log monitor.
  • 22:40UTC, after the tests that shown that Mt. Pleasant has network and all available computer on campus don't, going to Mt Pleasant to start observations. Drudging&editing&copying schedules by hand.
  • ~23:40UTC observations started. Log monitor is not functioning.
  • 02:00 UT: found a worker on campus who could forward me to the responsible UTAS guy. They didn't know about our problem but finally found out what's causing it. Weirdly, wireless connection works….. Anyway, they promise to fix it within 1h. That's why I decided to stay at campus and keep watching Hb and Yg via vnc through wireless on my laptop. (Lucia)
  • 03:30 UT: connection not back yet. All I can see through the vnc looks fine. (Lucia)
  • 04:15 UT: power outage finished, IT is working on network now. Antennas look fine (Lucia)
  • 05:45 UT: network finally back! Last hour also the wireless was problematic. Setup in AuScope room now (Lucia)


  • recording to module HOB+0126
  • First recorded scan:031-0040 (late start becvause of the network issues at Sandy Bay campus) (Liza)
  • RFI in last two channels all the time (Lucia)
  • 05:45 UT: pcfshb out of disk space. Can't write log file. This was going on probably for the last 30-60 minutes. All good now. (Lucia)


  • Katherine not observing due to DBBC problems


  • recording to module HOB+0097
  • First recorded scan:031-0047 (late start becvause of the network issues at Sandy Bay campus) (Liza)
  • 05:33 UT: wind stow - have to check when it started (Lucia)
  • 06:26 UT: antenna didn't release automatically from wind stow. Released manually. First scan after stow: 031-0632, @06:32UT (Lucia)
  • 06:38 UT: Tsys readings problematic due to DBBC problems (known problem). Many sband channels overflowed, xband channel 5 extremely high (1500). (Lucia)
  • 06:47 UT: automatic wind stow (Lucia)
  • 07:04 UT: first scan @ 07:08 UT (Lucia).
  • 07:36 UT: automatic wind stow. Last scan 031-0734b, the scan 031-0736 never started (Liza)
  • 07:43 UT: antenna released, first scan 031-0748 (liza)
  • 07:53 UT: windstow(Liza)
  • 08:25 UT: released from windstow, first scan 031-0831 (Liza)
  • 16:45 UT : windstow (Ellen)
  • 18:43 UT : first scan recording again after windstow. I can't find the schedule files so I don't know the exact scans missed. (Ellen)