No Katherine again.


Module: HOB+0126, start pos 18594 GB

  • Experiment started ok, went straight to the next schedule. (Ellen)


Module: HOB+0097, start pos 4817 GB

  • Experiment started ok, alarms went off because it didn't go straight to the next schedule, but no scans were missed cos I was super fast. (Ellen)
  • 2015.032.08:00:33 wind stow, 08:05:39 halt schedule (warren)
  • 08:33 field system restart to get out of wind stow and back on schedule and recording for scan 032-0838 (warren)
  • 17:46 UT: Antenna reported “stuck”. antenna={open,operate} did not restore initially. After rebooting central, the connection was restored. 032-1738 – 032-1743 missed (Dave)
  • 19:30 UT: Power outage at site, now on generators. Had to re-establish antenna connection, but otherwise everything seems to have switched fine. (Dave)