Hobart 26m

VSN: HOB+0076 start pos:

  • Manual drive reset needed at beginning of experiment, drives operational at 1947UT (JS)
  • First data at 1952UT missed scans 195-1800 – 195-1947 (JS)
  • Windstowed between ~0200-0240
  • onsource status slewing since UT13:19 (Liz)


VSN: HOB+0093 start pos: 874.9 GB

  • Experiment started OK (JS)
  • eremote control not working when I arrived, apparently have just been using field system VNC since before 5pm local (UT08:00) (Liz)


VSN: HOB+0041, start pos: 0 GB

  • Experiment started OK (JS)
  • Data recorded becoming consistently less than expected. Approx 200Gbyte at end. (liz)
  • System monitor kept freezing-to fix, had to keep reopening (Liz)