Hobart 12m

Disk VSN: flexbuffhb

  • 1800UT Experiment started ok (mas)
  • 1830UT, halted the schedule. Sampler 3 and 4 are bad. Reconfigured the DBBC3. Resume schedule at 1919UT. Missed scans from 076-1832 through 076-1943 (mas)
  • 2157UT halted the schedule again - DBBC3 delays bad again (JMc)
  • 2208UT - Resumed. aua073 data deleted from flexbuffhb to free ~20 TB (JMc)
  • 2210UT - DBBC3 failed again (JMc). restarting server program on dbbc3hb (JMc)
  • 2322UT - Resumed after a full power cycle. Apparently ok… first good data expected from 2328 (JMc)

Katherine 12m

Disk VSN: flexbuffke

  • 1800UT Experiment started OK (mas)

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: HOB+0113/16000/1024 | Data volume at the beginning: 7.8 GB

  • 1800UT Experiment started OK (mas)