Hb Module HOB+0118 32GB blank start (JS)

  • 4:20 UT Ch14 tsys odd (-20K) (JS) seems fine now (UT 4:30) no it's wacko -1300 @ UT4:36
  • 7:50 UT: system monitor false reading (LO status red field)> Monica restarted (Lucia)
  • 9:14 UT: accidentally run fmset (wrong station) at 08:27. This brings the recorder to fs delay up to 0.99 sec. Halted schedule at 08:47 and run fmset. Schedule resumed at 08:49 UT. Missed scans 326-0846 & 326-0848. I guess some bad scans before that. (Lucia)

Ke Module HOB+0131 32GB blank start (JS)

  • Late start due to numerous issues with clock offsets, DBBC, and MK5. Start at 2014.326.00:53:59.61 (first scan ~5min there after). (JS)
  • First successful scan after start Source: 1519-273, Scan_Name: 326-0100 – Data -231GB :-( (JS)
  • 9:02 UT: recorder to fs delay too big. Schedule halted at 08:21 UT, run fmset. FS crashed and restarted. Offset is good now. But troubles with eRC which does not find the Server. Jamie updates the version and restarts the fs again. Back to normal operation at 09:09 UT at scan 326-0929. Bad/missed scans # 326-0820 (or before) to 326-0928. (Lucia)

Yg Module HOB+0119 32GB blank start (JS)

  • 4:20 UT Ch14 tsys temporarily high (480K) (JS) - seems fine now (UT 4:30)
  • 21:55 UT Tsys values in both 13, 14 between 150 and 200 (Ellen)