Pointing and fringe checks were not performed, otherwise started right in time.


  • erc Status Monitor window shows wrong time: 1969. while it is really (according to formatter, FS, computer) is 2014. Execution of commands happens according to real time.
  • At around 16:45, cryogenic show signs of warm-up: T(70K phase)=84K, T(20K)=65K, He pressure goes down recently, but currently 305 psi
  • Frequent error: “Error being ignored: error qk -211 tsys value for device ic overflowed or was less than zero.” and “Error being ignored: error ch -308 vd total power integrator overflow”
  • recording to USN-0109


  • Peaks autocorrelation bandpasses in ch 14, 15 – RFI
  • recording to NRCAN-05


  • Persistent problem: WARNING: error an -103 pointing computer tracking errors are too large. ; WARNING: error qo -301 warning: onsource status is slewing!
  • recording to NRCAN-07


  • Internet connection is flaky, ERC loses connection every now and then, so often that even filling the checklist is problematic
  • Descending slope in the autocorrelation bandpass in channel 15 – RFI
  • recording to USN-0205