Hobart 12m

vsn HOB+0120, disk_pos 15524.45 GB

  • 23:10 Setup and ready to run (JS)
  • 0107UT Killed observing and disconnected from dynamic session so Brett could work on telescope
  • 0540UT Resumed observing without issue


vsn WSRT-061, disk_pos 0 GB Only a 2TB module, the recorder will switch to Bank B for another 2TB

  • 23:10 Setup and ready to run (JS)
  • Continuous errors at the start if a new scan(?) `error m5 -900 not while recording or playing`, appears benign likely just a command issued before disk_record=off (JS)
  • 0357UT Noticed that FS at Ke wasn't responding. It hadn't crashed, somehow it was just (silently) unresponsive. Watch dog hadn't picked this up! I had to force kill fs from terminal (JS)
  • 0401UT Ke removed, FS restart (JS)
  • 0507UT Ke added back in, observing resumed (JS)
  • 0800UT stopped responding, 20 minutes later it set the watchdog off and I eventually found that the field system wasn't responding. It had frozen midway through recording a scan so there is a huge amount (~700 GB) of useless data. Restarted everything and began dynamic observing at 0911UT. (Ellen)
  • 2241UT Ke Disks also full, went to halt and remove from dynamic sched but someone beat me to it (2239UT) (JS)


vsn USN-0138, disk_pos 0 GB 4TB module, should be enough

  • 23:10 Setup and ready to run (JS)
  • 1919UT Yg bank A full, no hdd in bank B
    • yg halted and removed from dynamic sched (JS)