Hobart 12m

AUST/normal setup procedures followed but SNP file wasn't/isn't downloaded with drudge. No .sum file either. Only noticed when attempted to start schedule got “ERROR bo -105 Error opening schedule file FMP ? FFF”. Turns out proc file had extra ifd=(blank) which, when deleted, allowed a successful drudge.

Jamie fixed all the problems.

Disk_module HOB+0.0088.

First good scan, 269-1909 at 19:09UT disk_pos=1542.798 GBs

Hobart 26m

As per notes on here: (http://auscope.phys.utas.edu.au/opswiki/doku.php?id=observing:hohb) the mk5 was swapped over. And schedule started. Initially got nominal response from mk5=dot? So started schedule. Got error “ERROR tc -302 TPICD not set-up: no detectors selected”. After observer and on-call person attempted to fix, status went from bad to worse and errors concerning wrong mode selected in equip.ctl file started. And disk_record=off no longer worked as “Error m5 -900: Can't record with Mark-5B DOM”.

Started restarting entire setup and Jamie took over and fixed most problems apart from TIPCD error which he said he will work on an update for equip.ctl file.

Disk_module HOB+1010 First 'good' scan 269-1930 at 19:30 UT disk_pos=2602.831 GBs