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    * 1800UT Experiment started okay (Pradyumna).    * 1800UT Experiment started okay (Pradyumna).
 +   * 0633 UT wind stow (warren)
 +   * 0642 UT tried to unstow for a minute before auto-stow again (w)
 +   * 1115UT was not tracking for a while, fs needed to be restarted, drives need to be reset on timeyg (Eloise/Jay)
 **Hobart 26m** **Hobart 26m**
-Disk VSN:  HOB+0128/32000/1024 | Data volume at beginning: GB+Disk VSN:  HOB+0128/32000/1024 | Data volume at beginning: 9648 GB
-   1800UT Experiment started okay (Pradyumna)+   dbbc connection errors since start. dbbc3hb could not be connected to  (wrong ddc - dbbchb needed ). First scan at 2041UT (Pradyumna
 +   * 2041UT mk5b clock sync issues. fmset sync did not work.  Had to reboot mk5hb. Fixed by 2104UT. 
 +   * 2147 UT wind stowed (warren) 
 +   * 0130 UT schedule resumed (w) 
 +   * 0135 UT wind stowed again (w) 
 +   * 0302 UT out of wind stow, schedule resumed (w) 
 +   * 0512 UT wind stowed (w) 
 +   * 1113 UT stopped windstowing, back on schedule (Eloise)