• Recording to bank B (HAY-0047) Didn't get starting disk pos (JS)
  • (@~18:20 UT) Accidentally power cycled the Hb DBBC when trying to fix the Ke issues. Schedule restarted at 18:46 UT so first scan 5 min after. I'll note the missing scans in the summary (JS)
  • Scans missed 323-1809 to 1851


  • (19:30 UT) No recording as of yet in Ke, System temperatures and power levels require attention (JS)
  • (20:22 UT) Issues fixed, DBBC reset, power levels OK, clock offset OK Schedule started (JS)
  • (02:25 UT) Tsys values are all far too high (113 - 191) except for bands 1-4 which are high 80s to low 90s (Ellen)
  • Scans missed 323-1800b to 2016


  • (19:30 UT) Everything fine in Yg land. recording to the same module as OHIG92 (BKG-0037) currently at 10GB (?) (JS)
  • missed scan 324-0159 due to module swap (Ellen)