Hb USN-0072 0GB (6TB)

  • 18:00 UT - Experiment started OK
  • Around 05:50 restarted rfpic by mistake (with Yg) (Liza)

Ke USN-0012 0GB (4TB)

  • 18:00 UT - Experiment started at around 18:03 UT due to antenna checking procedure for a1501ke. Around 3 minutes lost on scan 035-1800a. First full scan is on 035-1811.
  • 21:54 UT - disk_pos ~10 GB short. This seems to be consistent with having missed the first scan after all.

Yg OAN+0006 0GB (4TB)

  • 18:00 UT - Experiment started OK. sband tsys troublesome as usual.
  • Scan 036-0535b may be bad due to antenna stuck at the azimuth limit (Liza)
  • around 05:50 UT - restarted rfpic twice (once by mistake) (Liza)
  • 08:44UT: scan 0119+115 antenna waiting at limit (Lucia)
  • 12:05UT: The log monitor completely froze (this was when the last line was displayed). It didn't register an entry for almost an hour before I notice because it didn't set any alarms off. It wouldn't except any commands and I couldn't even close it. So I just open another instance at 13:02UT and dragged the other one off to the side… (Ellen)