R1657 **Ultra Rapid for Hobart 12m**

Ho HOB+0102 Data recorded = 10624.396 GB

  • 16:54 UT - Unable to complete Ultra Rapid setup because write permissions to folder in Tsubuku are not granted. (VK)
  • 17:00 UT - Experiment started OK. NOTE: No autocorrelation plots because of Ultra Rapid. (VK)

Ke NTO-0007

  • 17:00 UT - Experiment started OK. (VK)

Yg BKG+0136

  • 17:00 UT - Power failure affected DBBC and counter gpibs. (VK)
  • 17:55 UT - First successful scan is 286-1755. Deficiency of 66 GB. (VK)
  • 18:10 UT - Commented out clkoff and maserdelay in midob using pfmed because of gpib errors
  • 18:31 UT - Update from Yg with gpib connector fixed. So halting schedule to restart fs to estab. comms.
  • 18:46 UT - Schedule restarted. Missed scans 286-1831 and 286-1837a. Total deficiency is ~75 GB
 Qcode      % of Total   % of Correlated 
                scans          scans     

5-9 51% 86%

   0              7%            12% 
 4-1,A-H,N        1%             2% 
 Removed         41%             - 


Transfers of Yarragadee data completed on the 27th of October.


HOBART12 (Hb/d): Ok.

KATH12M (Ke/a): Ok.

YARRA12M (Yg/i): Late start at UT 286-1755, due to power failure.

Problems: Many problems!

HOBART12 has at least 7 small clock breaks, but the software cannot support them all. Breaks are set at 18:15 (+.73 nsec), 06:25 (-.65 nsec), 09:00 (+1.31 nsec), 11:55 (-.52 nsec), and 13:27 (-.58 nsec). And ~85 observations have to be deselected.

ONSALA60 is very noisy and has many zero codes in X-band. The log shows high X-band system temperatures.

NYALES20's cable cal is bi-modal at times and has a large break (~84 nsec), similar to R1655. It is not applied, but this may produce some systematic errors since the cable and phase cal have an elevation dependence.

TSUKUB32 missed the first 7 hrs due to a typhoon.

YARRA12M mised the first hour due to a power failure.

FORTLEZA did not participate; problem with azimuth bearings.

SESHAN25 did not participate; antenna motor problem.

Parameterization comments: None.

Other comments: None.

Session Statistics

Observations:     6399 scheduled 
                  3707 correlated (in database)
                  2796 recoverable (usable)
                  2604 used
Session fit:        39.551 ps

Station Performance

                         Number of Observations
                  Scheduled   Recoverable*        Used   % of scheduled
                                                            obs used

HOBART12                941           720          634        67.4%
KATH12M                1111           822          770        69.3%
YARRA12M               1054           777          738        70.0%
---------------   ---------   -----------    ---------       ------
Station Total**        6399          2796         2604        40.7%
  • Recoverable: can be included in the solution.
  • * Total includes distinct observations only.
MISSED:    Station was scheduled, but it did not observe.
NOT CORR:  Station was scheduled but not correlated.
NOT USED:  Usable data was generated for this station,
           but the analyst rejected it all.