Hobart 26m

Module: HOB+0096, start pos 3170GB

  • 1702UT - Late start (2min) (JS)
  • 1709UT - ch09, and ch03 very low voltage. Others are fine in channel range, so leaving if values for now (JS)
  • 2114UT - Receiver stuck in Lband Scans failed 278-1700 through 278-2217 (JS)
  • 2157UT - OTTER interface reset (using 'r' command) and SX reciever put on axis (JS) [Have updated the setup notes to include this as a fix for stuck reciever]
  • 2205UT - ch09, and ch03 still bad readings (JS)
  • 2210UT - Field system restarted (wasn't behaving with schedule resume) (JS)
  • 2220UT - Scan 278-2217 successful (JS)
  • 2335UT - Hobart26 drives have been switched off since ~2300UT, despite various claims (e-RemoteCtrl, antenna monitor etc.) that the antenna is slewing to source (SS)
  • Antenna stowed due to high wind at ~00:20UT
  • 08:00 UT Mark VI formatter time inconsistent with DAC time (lagging by 1 second), has been corrected for future scans/experiments (Ross)
  • 08:00 UT Mark VI IF channels 03 and 09 showing error lights, problem has been resolved for future scans/experiments (Ross)
  • 13:38 UT - Schedule resumed after wind died down. First scan 279-1346 at disc pos 418.4 GB. (Ellen)
  • 14:07 UT - Ridiculously high tsys measurements continuously. Imogen said not to bother fixing. (Ellen)


Module: UAO-0031, start pos 0GB

  • 1700UT - Experiment started okay (JS)
  • 13:54 UT - Module ran out of space after recording 1983.649 GB, swapped over to HAY-0041, first scan 279-1354b. (Ellen)


Module: HOB+1007, start pos 11401 GB

  • 1700UT - Experiment started okay (JS)
  • 13:26 UT - Disc pos is over 100 GB behind the schedule. I can't find any explanation for this. (Ellen)