• new recording mode (512Mbps istead of 256), use setup8f instead of setupsx.


  • schedule files was downloaded and drudged, sum file was created.
  • Experiment started ok. (JMc)


  • Module HOB+0034 start at 0 GB
  • Tsys in bands 9-12 a bit high; change attenuation level?
  • DBBC error at 1712. Reconfiguration did not correct problem, so power cycled DBBC. No data between 1713 and 1730. (JMc)
  • 11:42 UT - Tsys measures all consistently quite high - probably due to current the storm. (Ellen)


  • Module HOB+0104 (16 TB) start at 2.179 GB
  • Experiment started OK. (JMc)