Module: OSOD-351, start position 0.000 GBs

  • Experiment started okay (Lucas).
  • 10:17 UT module swapped over to HOB+1009 no problems. 2980.762 GB recorded. (Ellen)


Module: HOB+0034 (“StreamStor1” - label is different to VSN reading) 0.000 GBs

  • Experiment started okay (Lucas).
  • 18:40 UT, just noticed the maserdelay-clkoff (which was high during setup) has drifted over the last few hours (about 3.7 us!). I'm going to power cycle the dbbc (Lucas).
    • 18:47 UT Clock difference back to within nominal range. Only had to restart DBBC software without full powercycle. Will monitor drift over next hour. Hopefully stable. Missed scans are 093-1839 to 093-1849 (Lucas).
  • 06:50 UT Disc pos behind 32 GB presumably due to missed scans as described above (Ellen)


Module: HOB+0021 start position 0.000 GBs

  • 07:04 UT Disc position 22 GB behind where is it supposed to be. No indication why. (Ellen)
  • 09:00 UT Disc position now 26 GB behind so Yg seems to be losing data at about 2 GB per hour. (Ellen)