Katherine 12m

Disk VSN: NYAL-019/2000 | Data volume at beginning: 0.00 GB

  • Estop was tripped and required Mick to go manually reboot drives.
  • 1700UT Experiment started okay (Lucas).
  • 17:30 Maserdelay was reading way off (around 5-7us instead of ~2) so I reconfigured and synced the dbbc and delays have settled to nominal values with an offset of -0.3 (Lucas).
  • 18:20 DBBC delay shifted dramatically. Delay difference has been slowly drifting also (Lucas).
    • Power cycling both dbbc and mk5, reconfiguring, restarting dimino and resyncing.
    • Delays and offsets back to normal. Probably will drift again. Missed scans 1824a to 1836 (Lucas).
  • Offsets gradually shifted again then at 20:40 ish the dbbc delay began shifting. At this point I again reset the dbbc but in the time since I have written this the offsets have shifted again. Something seems seriously wrong (Lucas).
  • 21:32:20 Ran dbbc=pps_sync to adjust dbbc delay as offsets began to plateau out (Lucas).
  • 22:03 halted schedule for another dbbc restart , missed scans 002-2203b to 002-2217a (warren)
  • 22:30 resumed schedule with 002-2222 (w)
  • 23:02 halted schedule for dbbc 2 hr cool-down, missed scans 002-2304b to 003-0053a (w)
  • 00:55 resumed at scan 003-0055 (w)
  • 01:00 dbbc delay still drifting! (w)
  • 03:03 abandoning experiment dbbc faulty (w)
  • 03:55 yet another attempt to fix dbbc, to no avail, resumed at 003-0352 (w)
  • 05:32 recording anyway in case some sense can be made of data (w)
  • 05:38 fmset to set delay back to 0.29 us

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: USN-0147/2000 | Data volume at beginning: 0.00 GB

  • 1700UT Experiment started okay (Lucas).