I can't get the text editor 'gedit' to work (I had the same issue last night), so the .sum files are in emacs. But now gnuplot doesn't have a terminal type 'wxt' (when it opens, it sets it to 'unknown'). So I had to plot the delay differences on ops4 where the command 'set term wxt 0 ; plot “ke_ddif.txt” works fine, while on ops2 I get the error: unknown or ambiguous terminal type. Has there been a software update that messed with everything? (Ellen)


  • Hb is excluded from r4661 (vk)
  • Unable to drudge .skd. Jim advises it is possibly due to Hb scheduling issues. (vk)


NRAO-143 @ 0 GB

  • Experiment started OK (vk)
  • Ke suffered a clock jump during the previous experiment. Keep a lookout for this.


HOB+0022 @ 923 GB

  • Experiment started OK (vk)
  • 18:42 UT - Log monitor says “WARNING: 2014.317.18:42:39.15#trakl#antenna stuck”. But ONSOURCE says that antenna is TRACKING.