Hobart 12m:

  • Disk VSN: HOB+1009/16000/1024
  • Data volume at beginning: 13.308 TB

Katherine 12m:

  • Disk VSN: HOB+0075/8000/1024
  • Data volume at beginning: ???

13:20UT - DBBC appears to be on but not responding, cannot be power cycled. Katherine will miss start of experiment (at least) until Martin can visit site (Ross).

19:10UT - Appears internet connection to Katherine may be down (Ross).

20:25UT - Internet switches power cycled by Martin and dbbc plugged directly into main ethernet router. Mark5 not logged in, re-logged in to by Martin (Ross).

20:54UT - Katherine finally has joined the experiment with scan 352-2052, -230 GB (Ross).

23:20UT - Can't connect to specke, timeke, ipske, kvmke, pdu2ke even though lights appear to be on. pcfske, mk5ke, mk5-2ke, pdu1ke and dbbc computers are fine. Martin has gone to fix (Ellen)

23:44UT - Everything except specke restored. Martin just re-powered the d-link, but did say that he could hardly ever get specke to work. (Ellen)

01:40UT - DBBC just shut down out of no where. I opened the VNC session and the program wasn't running. Schedule halted 01:43UT. Bad scan: 353-0140a. Schedule resumed 01:45UT, no scans missed. (Ellen)

KATHERINE HAD A WIND STOW :O 05:37UT - the antenna got stuck first, and then at 05:39UT after I tried to reset it, it got caught in wind stow. Schedule resumed 05:49UT. Missed scans 353-0533b and 0548. Also, just following the procedure in the current issues didn't work, I had to manually turn drives off and on again before “antenna=operate” worked. (Ellen) … corresponds to ~40 GB shortage in data (vk)

Yarragadee 12m:

  • Disk VSN: HOB+0125/4000/1024
  • Data volume at beginning: 0.000 TB