Hobart 12m: Disk VSN:HOB+1009/16000/1024

Data volume at beginning: 0.2TB (MEX)

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started OK (vk)
  • 05:15UT - clock drift set of alarm. Delay was fine at 04:59UT, but drifted quickly (Imogen)
  • 05:18UT - clock drifted very quickly, halted schedule, reconfigured DBBC, restarted schedule 05:33UT, missed scans 100-0524, 100-0528b, 100-0531b, (Imogen)
  • RFI peaks in two last S-band channels, high Tsys in both S and X bands (Liza)

Katherine 12m:

Disk VSN:USN-0109/2000/1024

Data volume at beginning: 0TB

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started OK (vk)

Yarragadee 12m:

Disk VSN: HAY-0060/6000/1024

Data volume at beginning: 1.8TB (CRDS76)

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started OK (vk)