VSN: USN-0002


VSN: USN-0002

  • “2015.240.07:56:48 ALARM: Delay through DBBC has changed. Monitor for stability and reset DBBC if it drifts.” Looked at delay differences, but they didn't seem to have jumped (before alarm -0.280us and after -0.285, -0.282 etc). Since couldn't see anything else wrong, Jim said we could ignore it for the moment. (Anita)
  • 08:26:51 got that alarm again. This time seems like there is a small drift in the delay difference - keeping an eye on it (Anita)
  • 14:19 UT - Same alarm again. No problems as far as I could tell. (Ellen)



  • 1905 UT: Windstow activated. Appears to be a misread on windy or the anemom (wind speed 9999 km/h). Reset the windyg box to bring the average windspeed back down. Misreads continued. Did cold reset on windyg. Still the occasional misread. Could be on the anemometer end (An insect on the ultrasound transducers?).
  • Scans missed: 239-1906b – 239-1918, 239-1929, 239-1934b