Disk Position: 0 GB on USN-0114

  • 1830UT: Experiment Started Okay (Liz)
  • 1855UT: Skycam frozen, followed notes on wiki to get it working through vnc session to timeke (Liz)
  • 2048UT: During checklist noticed autocorrelation has peaks in band 11 and 12 (Liz)
  • 2235UT: Autocorrelation still the same pattern (Liz)
  • 2235UT: Skycam frozen again (Liz)


Disk Position: 0 GB on USN-0002

  • 1830UT: Experiment Started Okay (Liz)
  • 2350UT: Anemometer currently reading 1000 km/h while it is dead calm at Yarragadee. Bias error in measurements? Have disabled windyg temporarily, to avoid spurious windstows. (JMc)