Hobart 12m

Module HOB+0042, used 3363.39 GB

I am using this module, since there are no 'allocations' and it has about the right amount of space

  • 1830UT Experiment started OK (JS)

Katherine 12m

Module USN-0145, used 0.0 GB (offset 577.5 GB)

  • 0200UT Experiment started OK after dbbc repaired, first scan 055-0207a (Ross)
  • Halted the experiment at one point to reconfigure the dbbc because there were no system temps.

Yaragadee 12m

Module USN+0221, used 0.0 GB

  • 1830UT Experiment started OK (JS)
  • 0517UT VPN needed resetting. (Arwin)