Re the issue raised by Dave in the latest meeting: When the Handover notes are copy'n'pasted in End of Experiment window, they are truncated in the actual log file, so they don't make it to the end of experiment checklist. (Ellen)

Hobart 26m:

Disk VSN:HOB+0015/6000/ start position ~2100GB

  • 1750UT could not release calu (`calu -m pcfs` would just hang then return error) (JS)
  • 1750UT Tsys temps high! (~740K) (JS)
  • 1803UT onsource and tracking (JS)
  • 1804UT Accidentally issued `mk5=bank_set=inc` whilst recording (?) (JS)
  • 1804UT No response from mk5 (mkv?) (e.g., `disk_pos` returns `ERROR m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed`)
  • 1805UT Halt issued (JS)
  • ~1810UT Tried to reset Mark5A, doesn't respond to `tstDIMino` (JS)
  • ~1820UT Calu still won't release, temps still high, neither myself nor Warren can diagnose (JS)
  • ~1850UT After trying to nut out issues with Warren, drove out to MtP manually reset mkv (JS)
  • 1901UT Schedule resumed missed scans (JS)
  • 1907UT No data recorded! (JS)
  • 1911UT Manually set disk_record=on, fixed the issue (JS)
  • 1930UT Noticed repeated error, pcfs not recognising command `ready1` (JS)
  • 1935UT Calu still won't release, temps still abnormal (>900K) (JS)
  • 1940UT Noticed error for command `data_valid1=on` `Error: This command not supported for your equipment, check equip.ctl` (JS)
  • 1955UT v6 alarm is on - `valarm` does nothing (JS)
  • 2250UT Schedule resumed after re-drudging VEX file with correct equipment settings. This fixes issue with ready11, data_valid1. rakbus reset to enable Tsys logging at this time. (JMc)
  • 0210UT - 0246 Windstow (JMc)
  • 0325UT - 1045 Windstow (JMc/DH)

Scans missed: 210-1809 - 210-1905a (JS)

210-2245a (JMc)

211-0210 - 211-0241 Windstowed (JMc)

211-0325b - 211-1047a Windstowed (JMc/DH)

Scans 210-1905a to 210-2239a recorded in a single file rather than in individual scans. (JMc)