Module HOB+0008/960, start position 0.000 GBs

  • Alarm went off for first scan (354-1630a) saying previous source in schedule not reached…' however the telescope was onsource when recording started? (Lucas).
  • 21:35 UT ALARM: Large difference between formatter and maser delays. Check for stability of new offset. The difference was -0.556, -0.481, -0.536, -0.525us, -0.493. So it seems stable but it is triggering the alarm it if goes over 0.5. (Lucas).
  • 354.22:20 to 355.03:06 UT; fmout-gps steady around 7.38 us (Warren)
  • 07:31UT Alarm: previous source not reached… as antenna went into wind stow. Sources missed from 355-0729 to 355-0815 (Liz)
  • 08:21 UT wind stowed again affected 355-0821 to 355-0856 (Liz)