• recording to HOB+0108, starting disk position 0.00 GB (Lucas)
  • Experiment started late due to Space X tracking, first scan 236-1805 @ 18:05:21UT (can log person please double check this is correct, Lucas).
  • 0100UT: Experiment halted for maintenance (JMc)
  • 0530UT: Experiment terminated - Maintenance could not be completed today and antenna not in a usable state (JMc). No further observations with Hb12.


  • recording to USN-0014, starting disk position 2697.429 GB (Lucas).
  • Experiment started one scan late. First scan 236-1756 @ 17:56:33 UT (Lucas).
  • Module changed at 18:14:00 UT to HART-032 for shipping considerations despite sufficient free space (final disk position 2706.387GB). Initial disk position on new module 0.000GB and first scan on new module was 236-1816b (Lucas).


  • recording to GSFC+022, starting disk position 0.000 GB (Lucas).
  • Experiment started okay. First scan 236-1756 @ 17:56:33 UT (Lucas).