In order to support the diverse backends and configurations at Mt. Pleasant, the HP counters have all been moved onto a single GPIB chain, connected to upsmonhb. This machine is running a stock version of the Field System and polls all the counters (e.g Vremya-GPS, NASA-GPS, MK5HB-GPS, DBBCHO-GPS and DBBC3HB-GPS) every 30s. This version of the Field System should be automatically start on boot and can be checked with

vncviewer upsmonhb

All the data is then extracted and made available as raw text files (e.g dbbcho2gps containing the text +3.16464E1) in the /counters/ NFS-mountable directory. On pcfshb and hobart, procedures (in /usr/st/ have been created which will read the files and log the data appropriately in the FS (as maser2gps or fmout-gps). Care should be taken in setting up the station.prc file to use the appropriate counter's values for monitoring.