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The NUT control software is installed at a few sites and can be used to directly control Cyberpower and UPSonic UPS.

The main use at the moment is to power cycle the DBBC3HB - its UPS is currently connected to weather.

To reboot DBBC3HB, use the following commands

ssh observer@weather
upscmd  CyberPower
### wait 10s
upscmd  CyberPower load.on

The upscmd will prompt for a username and password (admin and the root pw.)


apt-get install nut

Then edit the /etc/nut/ files - vc0/flexbuffhb have templates for a working configuration

UPS interaction and control

To see the list of available commands, use

upscmd -l CyberPower

To switch the UPS off or on, use:

upscmd -l CyberPower or upscmd -l CyberPower load.on

You will need to run this as root, using the admin username.