Schedule files from the IVSCC server

The IVS distributes the schedule (SKD) files via the CDDIS webserver, with the German BKG and French OPAR sites acting as mirrors. By default, we use the BKG site for our scripts as this still permits anonymous FTP while CDDIS requires a login and a few extra steps. If slogit fails to download the SKD file for whatever reason, you can download the SKD file either through the web interface (e.g or from the command line on ops8:

cd /vlbobs/ivs/sched/
curl -c /tmp/cookie -n -L -O ""

NB - an appropriate .netrc file needs to be in place for this to work.

Notes from Jay

How to drudge the .skd file for yg telescope for ivs exp

First try to run the script from ops8. If it's not running smoothly or breaking and creating blank .prc and .snp files, we need to drudge the experiment by hand for particular antenna.

Do the following steps: 1. check whether script at least was able to download the .skd file and did put it on pcfsyg. This can be done by either go to yg vnc or from a terminal, type: ssh then, less /usr2/sched/r41046.skd if you find the file there, that means you have the .skd file. if you didn't, then download the .skd file from procedure listed above

2. After you got .skd file, move it to home area of pcfsyg: mv /usr2/sched/r41046.skd ~/

3. After that, from home directory of pcfsyg, do the following: drudg r41046.skd

Output for which station (type a code, :: or q to quit, = for all) ? yg 3 (Make SNAP file (.SNP) 5 (Print summary of .SNP file) 12 (Make procedures (.PRC) 0 (Done with DRUDG)

After this, you'll have .skd, .snp, .prc, and .sum files for exp in pcfsyg home directory. check it by less r41046*

now, firstly move .prc file to /usr2/proc/ mv r41046yg.prc /usr2/proc/

and move .snp, .skd and .sum files to /usr2/sched/ mv r41046* /usr2/sched/

Now we need to add checkmk5 script to .prc file for autocorrelation spectra graph to run. this is important, don't skip it:

go to /usr2/proc/ directory on pcfsyg (cd /usr2/proc/). then do

nano r41046yg.prc

at the end, after enddef, add these line in the proc file:

define checkmk5 22103183125x scan_check !+1s sy=/home/oper/bin/ & mk5=get_stats? mk5=get_stats? mk5=get_stats? mk5=get_stats? mk5=get_stats? mk5=get_stats? mk5=get_stats? mk5=get_stats? mk5=status? enddef

(look at previous experiment's file to see how to space out)

then ctrl+O ; [enter], ctrl+X ; [enter] to save and exit the nano editor.

then, do less r41046yg.prc and check whether the checkmk5 script has been added to proc file of not.

That's all. you can relax now and carry on with the exp. all done!