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-**Chair:** +**Chair:** Earl
-**Next meeting chair:** +**Next meeting chair:** Jay (note calender a week behind)
 **Attended:**  **Attended:** 
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 **General Issues** **General Issues**
 +-26m and 12m affected by obs work. Keep eyes on set-up updates etc. at Hobart. 
 +- Si exp on sat: mixed mode? Yes, same set-up to aua/aum mode. Vienna doing scheduling, not distri thro ivs, don't need to upload logs: Jamie loads into ivs/sched, slogit finds file - don't download again (if asked), 
 +-yg mark5 module playing up, surplus module from ke sent to yg, currently checking, overwriting, locking-up, on-site power cycles may be required more frequently, if replacement useful will swap hardware and names.... 
 +Issues with Ho 26 - couldnt access dbbc... took a while to restart connection - need to simplify backend - different field systems getting crossed - more complete documentation required...