Chair: Katie

Next meeting chair: Earl

Attended: Simin, Lim, Earl, Jay, Jasper, Eloise, Prad


General Issues

  • Don't need to send logs for si experiments
  • antenna=OPEN has been fixed and can now use lower case

Handover Issues

  • aua077 - Hb12m:
    • DBBC sampler 4 consistently bad - fixed by full power cycle (reboot through the ip switches) and reconfigure of dbbc3hb. There are softer reboots using scripts (not super reliable and can take a while).
  • aua077 - Ke:
    • Antenna keeps losing connection and the antenna=open command keeps having to be issued. Antenna had to be rebooted several times to fix the problem, but there were still slewing errors.
    • Not sure whats causing it, might be overloading the network - under investigation.
  • aua076 - Hb12m:
    • Antenna returned illegal state error: see Mbus error. Eventually rectified with “antenna=OPEN” and communication restored
    • Field system crashed - Upon restart the warning “error in new proc routine, stack is flushed” displays, but the antenna seems to be tracking fine.
    • Let Jamie known when this happens. Could be due to updates and something going 'strange'.
  • rv147 - Ho26m:
    • Flogit problems - log and prc file had to be uploaded manually.
    • Wind stow causes dish to get stuck, antenna=open and antenna=operate didn't work, field system was rebooted and the dish was checked onsite.