Chair: Pradyumna

Next meeting chair: Lim

Attended: Simin, Jamie, Lim, Eloise, Katie


General Issues


  • DIMino unresponsive. Swapping out module seemed to have helped (Yg) - Bad module was the issue. If the ready_state is not OK get module swapped.


  • Sampler stats issue. Issue seems to be benign and related to a marginal “correlation” level in IFD/Core3H[4] - it's occasionally at 168E6 where the alarm threshold is 170E6. Don't try a reset unless it drops below 160E6 but please note if there are increasing numbers of alarms (Ke) - Log monitor informs of the sampler stats now. The dbbc3 needn't be reset unless the value goes below 160mn. Threshold to be set to 165mn to avoid nuisance alarms.