Chair: Jasper

Next meeting chair: Lim (swapped with Jasper)

Attended: Simin, Jay, Jamie, Earl.

Apologies: Lim, Prad, Eloise.

General Issues:

AUM037 Katherine 12m * [Flexbuff capacity running low] * Samplers gone bad immediately after the recording started. Reconfigured dbbc3ke.(Lim). * reconfigure dbbc3, all corr delays reading “No” since 0358 (warren) * IFF delay corr warning, but ignoring (script warning threshold 170 reading 166-169 ) (w) * aum037_ke_238-1356 does not exist in mk6/vbs format * Samplers gone bad again * aum037_ke_238-1358 does not exist in mk6/vbs format, cannot set fs time without multiple format recorders. * restarted dbbc3ke.

These have been the typical persistent issues experienced lately at Ke. The scan does not exist issue is calling a procedure that needs to be commented out (Jamie to fix).

aov062 Katherine 12m * Schedule halted for dbbc3 reconfigure, (pps ok but corr delays all bad). (warren) * Ignoring “no” on IFF delay corr (w)

Same issue as in Katherine, seems to be worse at the moment, contacting Yg station to see if anything has changed locally (air-conditioning etc.). * Header file on the old wiki setup notes now has a warning not to use them. ALL new information is on the new wiki. if anything is not properly linked please notify Jamie or transfer across yourself if you are inclined. However, the old wiki can be useful for finding solutions and searching for previous issues during experiments.

Additional *Mk5 at Yg - Experiencing issues with mk5 modules and recording. This is potentially due to the ageing modules - may decommission the older modules (Jamie). The Mk5 itself has also been developing issues, ongoing discussion about solutions.