Chair: Lim

Next meeting chair: Simin

Attended: Simin, Jamie, Jasper, Jay, Prad, Eloise


General Issues:

  • Hobart12 updates: Swapped receiver to callisto3, looks good with no obvious problem. Affecting IFE/F, which are not being used during AuScope but the vgos mode.
  • dbbcyg DDC v106 crashes each time the proc=point and initp are run. v107 not configuring anymore… The reason for this is unknown, Jamie will investigate in the future.
  • IF F Katherine is constantly bad. - The issue with the calibration, Jamie thinks it may be fixable, for the moment doesn't affect observation in mixed mode, but does affect the log monitor, just reduce the threshold. Jamie might work on a more reasonable fix around this.
  • Flexbuffhb is being cleared, use flexbuf-2hb until further notice.



  • SKD file has incorrect LO/BBC patching - no useful data being recorded!, Modified $CODE entries (JMc). It was a scheduling problem and notification was sent to IVS, Yg was swapped at a short notice. Complains show during drudg, please check carefully in the future for this problem.



  • a couple of delays bad issues. The DBBC was problematic today, failed again at about 10 am and lost about an hour, no obvious reason. IF A/B still setup for wideband test.
  • flexbuff recording issue. Wasn't recording, needed to kill and restart fs (Jay) - NOt sure why, strange labeling for the recording (a,b,c,d) in the setupaum. During the wideband test, the definition was changed with conflicting definitions. Now setupaum and setupauv will correctly remove the previous datastream definition and not getting this problem.
  • IFA/IFB changed to record S-band data - previously had been connected to the 3-7 GHz VGOS band. This was toggled through the web interface (JMc) - Can check during setup, to see if s band connects correctly, Jamie will update the observing note. Basically, can check the control→outlet- if the “RfSwOnForS” is on.


  • flexbuff recording issue similar to Hb (Jay)
  • Recorded file labels are inconsistent (a,b,c,d rather than sx,sy,xx,xy). Due to multiple datastream definitions. setup procedures editing to avoid this issue in the future.
  • (Notes see Hobart12)