Chair: Earl

Next meeting chair: Eloise

Attended: Lim, Jamie, Simin, Jay, Elose

Apologies: Prad,

General Issues:

Note from Jay: PCFS-1 hb… Jay reckons avoid antenna=open cmd, throws more errors for the new fs system (not for the old one, num 2). Networking issue? No obvious reasons for time out errors, fs reboot helps - lagged or blocked communications. JMC will investigate further.

Comment from Jamie: AOV exp. correlation suggests configuration was strange, old-style proc file… PLEASE DON“T USE OLD WIKI FOR SET-UPS. Don't use external scripts, use slogit or schedules, otherwise proc files not valid.

Old wiki has useful archival info. but do not use for operations. Any useful old wiki info should be copied into new wiki. Will delete old wiki soon.

Lim comments: Can use antenna==operate…?

yg pointing check not working…?

Jay to Jamie: In regards to aum, power cycling dbbc, delay bad, unstable a recurrent issue.


Hb: new air-conditioning installed at obvservatory… old system: continuous air cooling, new system may be inefficient. Probably cooling? Or, timing reference system break-down…

Ke: Hotter season, probably cooling…

Note: New Hb replacement DBBC has arrived and will be installed (tomorrow?) - more complex electronics, runs hotter, potential further heating issues…