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-**Chair:**  Pradyumna+Chair:  Jasper
-**Next meeting chair:**  Lim+Next meeting chair: Lim
-**Attended:**  +Attended:
-**Apologies:**  +Apologies:
-**General Issues:**   +General Issues: 
-  +*[25/11] rv150 - Yarragadee: mk5 crashed and was inaccessible, Had to call Yg to reboot the mk5 (Pradyumna). 
-   * Yg had a connection issues on two occasions (aov065 and r11025). +*[03/12] r41027 - Yarragadee: Delayed start due to faulty autocorrelations (Pradyumna). 
-   DBBC3 uses the abef samplers and the 'cand 'd' displaying bad stats should not be a concern?+*[04/12] Si1337 - Hobart 12m:  fs kept freezing every time while setting up for exp.  Terminating and resetting didn't rectify the issue (Jay). 
 +* [07/12] AUM043: 
 +- Unable to VNC into ops8 … :1. Jay started second server (ops8 … :2), able to carry on with observations on this one (Eloise)
-**AOV065**+Hobart 12m - maser not available? clkoff and maserdelay no reading, cannot start vnc maserhb, cannot read wth from MET sensor. upsmonhb computer not running, so counters not communicating. clkoff maserdelay now working. (Lim/warren) 
 +Katherine 12m
-  * There was a UPS failure which got fixed eventually after a manual power reboot (Ke).+TCP/IP connection problem -> for above errors wake up comms every 10 minutes; antenna=open@!,10m, antenna=operate@!,10m , onsource@!,10m (warren) 
 +Bad samplers -> reconfiguring dbbc3ke didn't work (Simin). 
 +“ERROR st -5 Error return from antenna, see Mbus error”, antenna=open/antenna=operate didn't work, halted schedule and reset drives on timeke. (Eloise) 
 +Above error would happen every ~hour, antenna=open would work some of the time.