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-**Chair:**  Pradyumna+Chair: Pradyumna
-**Next meeting chair:**  Prad +Next meeting chair: Lim
- +
-**Attended:**  Jay, Prad, Lim, Jamie +
- +
-**Apologies:**  Simin, Earl, Prad +
- +
-**General Issues:**   +
-  * New dbbc3 arrived for Hobart, installed as replacement for old dbbc - same name, in process of updating procedure files. Appears more reliable and stable. Will start vgos observing soonish.  +
- +
-**R11023 ** +
- +
-Yarragadee: +
- +
-  * 1800 UT had to get schedule from ivs schedules page (warren) +
-  * 1810 UT reboot mk5, looks like DIMino had started on top of jive5ab crashed mk5, fmset (warren) +
- +
- +
-**AUM041** +
- +
-  * General: There looked like an issue with slogit from opar, changed back to bkg. Drudging problem with Yg, Prc file needs to be moved to /usr2/proc/ manually from /usr2/sched/. No checkmk5 section for AUM041, added manually. Couldn't restart DBBC3ke, says ACCESS-DENIED? +
-  * Updated - pdu2ke bypassed for the Dbbc3ke - use the UPS power cycle commands from flexbuffke (UPS reboot instructions) Hobart 12m +
-      * Stick with bkg, if issues persist go through another server +
-      * Refer to wiki for how to reboot Ke and Hb DBBCs +
- +
-Hobart 12m: +
-  * 1730UT All Delay Corr gone bad immediately after recording started, halt and reconfigure DBBC3. +
- +
-Katherine: +
-  * No useful datarecorded - RFoF failure +
-      * Been resolved (bad connections). Expect a few power failures this time of the season +
- +
-**AUA082** +
- +
-Hobart 12m: +
-  * Power levels on corr A and C are lesser than ideal. +
-  * 0100UT no recordings at all. ran setupaum (warren) +
- +
-Katherine: +
-  * 1846UT- all samplers stats bad. Power cycled dbbc. (prad) +
-  * 0030UT no recording happening, mode not defined, run setupaum (warren) +
-      * Jamie to look at logs to figure out what went wrong for both Hb and Ke+
 +Attended: Eloise, Simin, Jasper, Lim, Angira, David, Jamie
 +General Issues:
 +Yg had a connection issues on two occasions (aov065 and r11025).
 +DBBC3 uses the abef samplers and the 'c' and 'd' displaying bad stats should not be a concern? ABEF are used for the S/X setting. Needs updating on the wiki.
 +2 new observers (David and Angira) to familiarize themselves this December. Ideally start their shifts in January. Change in roster needed. David Schuunk will be starting early next year as well.
 +First wideband vgos session held (vo1327). The session ran free of problems. Expected feedback on it from Haystack.
 +There was a UPS failure which got fixed eventually after a manual power reboot (Ke).