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-Chair:  Jasper+Chair: Pradyumna
 Next meeting chair: Lim Next meeting chair: Lim
-Attended:+Attended: Eloise, Simin, Jasper, Lim, Angira, David, Jamie
 Apologies: Apologies:
 General Issues: General Issues:
 +Yg had a connection issues on two occasions (aov065 and r11025). 
 +DBBC3 uses the abef samplers and the 'c' and 'd' displaying bad stats should not be a concern? ABEF are used for the S/X setting. Needs updating on the wiki. 
 +2 new observers (David and Angira) to familiarize themselves this December. Ideally start their shifts in January. Change in roster needed. David Schuunk will be starting early next year as well. 
 +First wideband vgos session held (vo1327). The session ran free of problems. Expected feedback on it from Haystack. 
 +There was a UPS failure which got fixed eventually after a manual power reboot (Ke).