Chair: Lim

Next meeting chair: Simin



General Issues:

Handover issues:


  • Yg: mk5 disconnected and was unresponsive, fs froze while trying to fix (Jasper)
  • Yg: Module has XLRappend errors, reboot does not fix them. Module swap worked? (Jmc)


  • Ke: restarted nut server on flexbuffke 'root' worked for the upscd command to power cycle dbbc3 (Warren)
  • Ke: IFD delay occasionally reports as “bad” but quickly comes good (Warren)


  • Hb: Many “nuisance” errors about sampler 4 inter-board correlation. (JMc)
  • Hb: Ran “dbbc3=checkphase”. Results look fine. Possibility of a clock break having been generated… Still getting occasional warning (JMc)
  • Hb: Cooler is not running! (JMc)
  • Hb: Cooler comms back - not uncooled but CAL temperature stabilisation had failed (JMc)
  • Ke: No comms with receiver! (JMc)