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Chair: Earl

Next meeting chair: Jay


Apologies: D. Smith,

General Issues:

Handover issues: Ke…?

AUA084 Ke:

  • Antenna seemed to have trouble over the weekend that wasn't rectified? Schedule was still halted and the antenna was disconnected. I did the setup and had the same issue where the antenna kept disconnecting (ERROR st -8 Power on timed-out) and antenna=open/operate wasn't solving the issue (Jasper).
  • Ops8 started having very bad lag for me but my connection to each pcfs was fine so I continued setup from these (Jasper).
  • 1350UT antenna stowed and Warren contacted for troubleshooting (Jasper).
  • 2230 UT antenna drives restarted, communications restored (warren)
  • 2331 UT dbbc3 restarted, reconfigured. schedule started with scan aua084_ke_017-2331 (warren)

AOV067 Ke:

  • Samplers continually bad (Simin)
  • 0400UT ERROR st -8 Power on timed-out. Antenna stuck. antenna=open and antenna=operate didn't help. reset fs didn't help. Power cycling and dbbc reconfiguration didn't help (Simin).
  • Ke is out for this experiment due to some technical problems at the site (Simin).