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-**Chair:** Earl+**Chair:** Jay
-**Next meeting chair:** Jay+**Next meeting chair:**  Eloise
-**Attended:** Lim, D. Schunck, Eloise, Jasper, Jamie, Ahmad, Simin, Prad+**Attended:** Elise, Siminm Jamie, Lim, Ahmad, Jasper, David S, Prad
-**Apologies:** D. Smith, +**Apologies:**  
 **General Issues:** **General Issues:**
 +LBA session is coming next week. 
-*New Observers! Welcome!  
-*New check lists need to be made. 
-*26m still being fixed, bearing not yet out... but some progress. (eta about month or so) 
-*hobart 12m ivs sessions: wideband... phase cal unit not working... tag along tests.. another month before vgos obvs...  
-*warren in post-covid recovery 
 +**Handover issues:**
 +Yg:  Drives connection issues : connection has been by passed. will be fine going forward
-**Handover issues:** 
-Ke side issue, since been cleared (tuesday: after aua084 experiment), e-stop triggered (unknown cause), site power problems/instabilities leading to e-stop issues (check timeke), requires manual on-site intervention.