Chair: Eloise

Next meeting chair: Prad

Attended: David Smith, Jasper, Simin, Jamie, Earl, Lim, Prad, David Schunck, Ahmad, Jay


General Issues:

  • LBA

Handover issues:

04/02 - R41036 Yg:

  • multiple mk5cn time out errors, possible faulty module - BKG-0049 (Jasper)
  • More mk5 errors after changing to new module, stopped recording/reading the disk (it said the disk was empty) and produced funky autocorrelation spectra. Overwriting data? (Jasper)

Issue with module, glitched out and reset pointers. Old modules (ones with minuses in their names) are prone to fail. Will be phasing these out.

08/02 - R11037 Yg:

  • mk5cn errors, DIMino struggling, disk reported full, tried SSReset (JMc)
  • Chronic issues, modules swapped (JMc)

Similar issues as above.

16/02 - AUM046 Ke:

  • Dbbc3ke reconfigured then power cycled due to bad samplers (Warren/Simin)

If values are marginally below, don't worry too much - Ke is temperamental at the moment