Chair: David Schunck

Next meeting chair: Jasper (14/04)

Attended: Lim, Jasper, Ahmad, Earl, Jamie, David Smith, Prad

Apologies: Simin, Eloise

General Issues:

  • Katherine is still offline, will probably come back after easter break. 1 April trip to Katherine.


  • Please write in the handover notes which scans where missed to make it easier for subsequent observers
  • problems with slogit script for pcfsyg when machine is running for a while - rebooting machine helps (long term fix) - otherwise just scp file to machine
  • mk5 time-out issue is fairly frequent - means it is lagging in response and can lead to more serious issues - Jamie will update wiki with more information

Handover issues:


  • R41042: Experiment start delayed a few minutes due to problems copying prc file to fs → scp'ing the file from ops8 to pcfs yg worked (Jasper).
  • AUM048: Disk exchange required rebooting mk5yg and a resync. (David Smith)
  • R11044: Antenna required rebooting, scans missed (David Smith)
  • T2152: “ERROR m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed” | apparently module was faulty | module changed (David Schunck)