Chair: Simin

Next meeting chair: Earl

Attended: Jay, Ahmad, David Smith

Apologies: Lim, Jamie

General Issues:

  • Any LBA issues? LBA went well…


  • Jamie has updated the slogit script to deal with the new BKG server requirements and Yarragadee's SSH issues. Working on the flight update, but not ready yet.

Handover issues:


  • AUA088: dbbc went bad. halt schedule reconfigure (w)
    1. Ordered List ItemThis issue happens sometimes. Reconfiguring the dbbc will help to solve the problem.


  • R11052: Experiment started late. Mark 5/DIMino issues: error “address already in use” when trying to start DIMino, and just generally freezing up in the command window. Reboot required. Reboot didn't work using commands, needed to power cycle using ips (Eloise)
    1. Before starting the experiment make sure the MK5 is working. If not do the power cycle using ips.
  • R41050: Experiment halted to deal with DBBC errors - pps_delay incorrect, large clkoff discrepancy. DBBC reconfigured (not power cycled) and schedule resumed (JMc)