Chair: Jay

Next meeting chair: Eloise

Attended: Simin, japer, Eloise, Ahmad, Warren

Apologies: Earl, David

General Issues:

Handover issues:

Yarragadee 12m

r11056 Antenna stuck multiple times. 'antenna=open' & 'antenna=operate' solved it temporarily. reset timeyg solved it. (Ahmad) - Try switching drivers off/on on timeyg machine. if that doesn't work then restart timeyg


For some reason “mk5=vsn?” query won't display the disk name (it's just blank) but it “mk5=rtime?” says there is an empty disk ready to go (verified with webcam) and recording seems ok (Jasper) - sometimes that happens when you put in new disk. Try labelling the vsn using mk5=disk_protect=0ff and mk5=vsn='module name' commands


Winds are very high, so further short stows likely. (JMc)


DBBC internal delays jumped, clkoff ok. Autocorrelation spectra are wrong (fixed values?) for all channels except the last two. Schedule halted at 0147, DBBC software restarted. (JMc)

- keep an eye on Autocorrelation spectras. spectras going bad generally means that there ddbc board jumped. also see the jump in delay live plots. restrarting or reconfiguring dbbc will be the right thing to do in that case