Chair: Lim

Next meeting chair: David Schunck

Attended: David Schunck, Jamie, Pradyumna, Ahmad, Eloise

Apologies: David Smith, Jasper, Earl

General Issues:

  • pointing offset at Yg last week. Running fivept .08 deg. Would lose half signal received. Jump in the elevation pointing model, corrected now, but keep an eye on. Please do pointing check and make note if poitning more than .05, which is the threshold.
  • Pointing of the last couple of months, large pointing offset detected but not marked as a significant issue. Some mechanic issue if large offset.
  • Slogit issue: flogit seem to be an intermittent problem.
  • Ensure mixed-mode S-band is on. Hb: at pduhb; Ke: at ipske

Handover issues:


  • AOV073 Bad sampler at 0700UT and 1000UT
  • AUA091 Bad sampler at 1740UT, 0000UT. ifc delay went bad at 0042 UT. Power a b c bad multiple times, restart didn't help.
  • (Good news is we are trying to install new one next week, expected to be more stable.)
  • (If any sampler is unusable, we should stop and reconfigure)