Chair: David Schunck

Next meeting chair: Jasper 01/09

Attended: David Schunck, Earl, Jay, Mars, Simin, Prad, Lim, Jamie


General Issues:

  • Katherine has a new dbbc3; installed Thursday 11/08; new dbbc3 software version (version 125); setupaum needs to be changed; configuration is same as hobart now abef
  • only new things for observers: observe different set of samplers
  • first 24 hours vgos observation with working phasecal was succesful; hobart vgos observations should be mainly similar with aum session;

Handover issues:


  • CRD120:
    1. Schedules were not downloaded properly even manually.
    2. No autocorrelation spectra
    3. Troubles with flogit → “something is amiss” | Jamie updated the script and gave it more “sense”; should be more clear now