Chair: Jasper - who missed the meeting

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General Issues: VPN access removal

Handover issues:

VO2230 sources below horizon mask - not reached in the schedule. Hobart12: ~01UT - Discovered cryo was offline. Cooling started around this time . Should be under cryo control ~3 UT. (JMc)

AUM049 Hobart 12 - Looks like the disks were filled from 1730UT. Data between then and the end must be missing (Prad). Yarragadee - Disk was almost full so got it swapped. The autocorrelations went bad at this point.

aum050 Hobart 12m - 1930UT Used aum049hb.prc because was unable to access the ops8 to run the slogit script. (Prad) The disks in flexbuff2hb were full. Changed to flexbuffhb.

Yarragadee 12m - 1930-1938 clock our of sync (fmset). Synchronized thereafter. 0640UT error with mark5: (David) ALARM: scan_check reports Mark5 data format problem (indicated by the letter E at the end of the line); Module swap probably required.

r11065 Yarragadee 12m - NOTE: The upsmonhb is offline and unbootable, therefore, SMS alert from ops8 is not available. (Ahmad) 1723UT : “ !! help ! ** writing file, ddout: No space left on the device. ”. Solved by removing some old files on pcfsyg (files from 2020 - 2011 lol). (Ahmad)