RF and IF Configuration

For Hobart26, no additional setup is required (or possible - it's only a single polarisation system) but this must be checked for Yarragadee.

Check the Status Monitor to see if the Cross-over switches and RCP IF Attenuators are at the default levels:

  • At Yg, cross-over switches should be Direct
  • IF Attenuator settings should be as follows
    • At Yarragadee
      • S RCP : 10.0 dB (changed to 15.0 dB to keep power levels - Lucia, Jun 2015)
      • X RCP : 7.0 dB
      • ASCII code if setting manually: TTNN

Check the crossover switch and attenuator settings via the System Monitor GUI.

The main thing is that the target power levels (listed in the next session DBBC setup) are OK. If values aren't as above, but power levels are attained without radical attenuation, then all is well. Otherwise, the attenuation level should be adjusted using the rfpic and ifpic commands in the Field System. Documentation for these commands is here:

but each station has setup procedures for the default settings. Cross-over switched to Direct:


IF attenuation to nominal:

Occasionally these commands may report a communications error. If this happens, try re-issuing the command. If the issue persists, it may be necessary to restart Monica's Rxmon and IFBox on pcfs.

To set these values manually, use the nc (netcat) command and appropriate ASCII code given above. For example, to set the attenuators at Yarragadee, log in as oper to pcfsyg and type:

nc pcfsyg 60002

Prompt will return: 'values', so type in:


Then type “Ctrl-C” to quit